Double Trouble!!


Double Trouble Combos will stuff your mind with some of our recommended options!


Double Trouble!!  flour, canola oil, whole milk, sugar, instant yeast, baking powder, baking soda + your selected combination!!

product details

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 in
Tray Amount

1 Tray, 2 Trays, 3 Trays, 4 Trays

Two Flavor Combos:

Pecan pie / maple bacon, Pecan pie / caramel apple, caramel apple / maple bacon, Churro/cinnamon, churro/coffee maple, cookies n creme / churro, milk n cookies / churro, churro / smores, nutella crunch / smores, nutella crunch / cookies n creme, nutella crunch / pb oreo, nutella crunch / cookies n milk, nutella crunch / cinnamon, nutella crunch / coffee maple, Cinnamon / Coffee Maple, Cinnamon / Matcha Oreo, Cinnamon / Confetti, Cinnamon / Cookies n milk, Cinnamon / Cookies n crème, Cinnamon / Cookie Monster, Oreo / Smores, Lemon Poppy / Confetti, Lemon Poppy / Orange, Lemon Poppy / Fruity Pebbles, Lemon Poppy / Matcha Oreo, Orange / Matcha Oreo, Orange / Fruity Pebbles, Orange / Confetti, Strawberry Shortcake / Fruity Pebbles, cinnamon / oatmeal creme pie, cinnamon / smores (regular dough), peanut butter oreo / oreo, peanut butter oreo / smores, lemon poppy / raspberry lemon, orange / raspberry lemon, strawberry shortcake / smores (regular dough), cookies n creme / smores (regular dough), cookies n milk / smores (regular dough), fruity pebbles / raspberry lemon, Shortcake / Confetti, Strawberry Shortcake / Lemon Poppy, Strawberry Shortcake / Orange, Strawberry Shortcake / Cookies n Milk, Strawberry Shortcake / Cookie Monster, Strawberry Shortcake / Cookies n Crème, Strawberry Shortcake / Matcha Oreo, Cookies n Crème / Matcha Oreo, Cookies n Crème / Cookie Monster, Cookies n Crème / Cookies n Milk, Cookies n Milk / Cookie Monster, Cookies n Milk / Matcha Oreo, Fruity Pebbles / Confetti, Nutella crunch / cookies n crème, Nutella crunch / smores, Nutella crunch / cookies n milk, Nutella crunch / cookie monster, Nutella crunch / nutter butter, Nutella crunch / oatmeal crème pie, Oatmeal crème pie / cookies n milk, Oatmeal crème pie / cookie monster, Oatmeal crème pie / smores, Oatmeal crème pie / nutter butter, Oatmeal crème pie / cookies n crème, Smores / nutter butter, Hot cocoa / smores, Hot cocoa / oreo, Hot cocoa / mint oreo, Mint oreo / oreo, Mint oreo / smores, Sugar cookie / cookie butter, Sugar cookie / cinnamon, Sugar cookie / coffee maple, Sugar cookie / cookie monster, Sugar cookie / oatmeal crème pie, Sugar cookie / cookies n milk, Sugar cookie / churro, Sugar cookie / cookies n crème, Cookie butter / cinnamon, Cookie butter / coffee maple, Cookie butter / cookie monster, Cookie butter / oatmeal crème pie, Cookie butter / cookies n milk, Cookie butter / churro, Cookie butter / cookies n crème, raspberry chocolate / raspberry creme, raspberry chocolate / raspberry lemon, raspberry chocolate / blueberry shortcake, raspberry chocolate / lemon poppy, raspberry chocolate / orange, raspberry chocolate / strawberry shortcake, raspberry chocolate / cookies n creme, raspberry chocolate / cookies n milk, raspberry chocolate / matcha oreo, raspberry chocolate / cookie monster, raspberry chocolate / sugar cookie, raspberry chocolate / nutella crunch, raspberry creme / blueberry shortcake, raspberry creme / lemon poppy, raspberry creme / orange, raspberry creme / strawberry shortcake, raspberry creme / cookies n creme, raspberry creme / cookies n milk, raspberry creme / matcha oreo, raspberry creme / cookie monster, raspberry creme / raspberry lemon, raspberry creme / sugar cookie, raspberry creme / fruity pebbles, chocolate donut / smores, chocolate donut / hot cocoa, chocolate donut / mint oreo, chocolate donut / oreo, chocolate donut / pb oreo, blueberry shortcake / strawberry shortcake, blueberry shortcake / cinnamon, blueberry shortcake / coffee maple, blueberry shortcake / lemon poppy, blueberry shortcake / orange, blueberry shortcake / fruity pebbles, blueberry shortcake / cookies n creme, blueberry shortcake / cookies n milk, blueberry shortcake / cookie monster, blueberry shortcake / matcha oreo, blueberry shortcake / raspberry lemon, blueberry shortcake / sugar cookie

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